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About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to form a seamless, long lasting partnership with our clients by delivering world-class Quality auditing and consulting services. A lot of companies cannot afford to hire dedicated Internal Auditors; some companies prefer to outsource their auditing services to prevent conflict of interest. Whatever the case, Profound Quality Systems will partner with your organization to ensure that your internal and supplier audit needs are met. 


Our Qualifications

 Our personnel have decades of experience with companies of all sizes and are certified by the American Society for Quality in Quality Auditing. They also possess lead auditor certificates for the Quality Systems they audit and are trained to the popular international Quality System Standards. While our main office is located in the San Francisco bay area, we have auditors all over the United States. 


Our Style - Educative, Intuitive and Organized

Our audits are thorough, educative, intuitive and organized. We partner with our clients every step of the way to ensure their auditing needs are met. We provide a thorough audit report that outlines all the audited Quality System elements, non-conformances (if any) and recommendations or opportunities for improvement. We also ensure that our services conform to the Internal/Supplier Audit procedure for the organization. 


Audit Specialization and Commonly Serviced Locations


  • ISO 9001 San Francisco Bay Area, ISO 9001 San Jose, ISO 9001 Mountain View, ISO 9001 Menlo Park, ISO 9001 California   
  • ISO 13485 San Francisco Bay Area, ISO 13485 San Jose, ISO 13485 Mountain View, ISO 13485 Menlo Park, ISO 13485 California
  • cGMP San Francisco Bay Area, cGMP San Jose, cGMP Mountain View, cGMP Menlo Park, cGMP California